Saturday, July 21, 2018

WBG Java Crow Express - July 21, 2018

A beautiful partially sunny day here in Minnesota with humidity down to a very manageable level. We had 6 riders for the WBG Java Crow Express. Marc, Steve, and Edward went on to do Cruzin' The Crow, Richard and Jim did the WBG Excelsior Loop add-on, and Tim went back downtown.

Marc led the Cruzin' The Crow and a big thanks for him using the Classic Crow route minus the Dakota Trail back into Wayzata.

Temperature average a very comfortable 22C with wind out of the N at 17 KPH. Humidity at 59% and dropping from the early morning at 85%. Dew-point at 17C.

Picture to left to right are Edward, Tim, Richard, Marc, and Steve. Jim took the picture.

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