Monday, May 29, 2017

WBG Java All Club Memorial Ride Express 50K

A very nice cool partially cloudy day for the TCBC Spring All Club Memorial Ride. There were five riders on the WBG Java All Club Memorial Ride Express 50K. Richard, Peggy, Marc, and Edward went on to do the All Club Ride and Jim went back.

Temperature average at 19C with wind from the WSW at 10 KPH. Humidity at 42% and dew-point at 8C.

The picture above is after arriving at the ride start of the TCBC All Club Memorial Ride in Shoreview, MN. Pictured from left to right are Edward, Peggy, Marc, and Richard. Jim is not pictured. The picture below is of the All Club pre-ride briefing in Shoreview.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Minnesota Bicycling Handbook - Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

The Minnesota Bicycling Handbook 2017 published by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is a great for tips on riding legally and safely.

The guide is meant to help bicyclists use Minnesota roads and trails safely and enjoyably. Although it includes information about many Minnesota traffic laws, it is not a legal document or a substitute for the Minnesota Statute 169.222 "Operation of a Bicycle."

You can download a copy at or from our website. See the left sidebar below for the link.

Copyright 2017 Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

WBG Java Jive and Java Crow Express - May 13, 2017

Another beautiful day here in the Northland! Temperature average of 20C with wind shifting from the NNE to the NW and finally to the WSW at 6 KPH. Humidity at 35% and dew-point at 2C.

We had five riders on the WBG Java Jive and nine riders on the WBG Java Crow Express. All the riders that did the Java Jive did the Java Crow Express except Dave.

Pictured from left to right are Edward, Peter, Emery, Peggy, Richard, John, Joel, Richard, and Tim. Emery and Joel were guests. Tim, Joel, and Edward continued on for the Crusin' The Crow TCBC ride. Everyone else continued back to the Twin Cities.

Congratulations to Bob & Linnea Boyd and Ruby's Roost in Mayer, Minnesota for having their biggest day since opening over two years ago. The very best coffee and baked goods and a wonderful stop when bicycling west of the cities.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

WBG Java Jive and Java Crow Express - May 6, 2017

An absolutely beautiful clear Minnesota Day! Temperature average of 15C with a 13 KPH wind from the NNE. Humidity at 39% and dew point at 4C.

We had four riders on the first WBG Java Jive of the season. For the WBG Java Crow Express we had eight riders. Richard, Peter, and Edward went on and did the Crusin' the Crow ride. Marc did some gravel riding on the Luce Line and all the other riders went back.

Pictured from left to right are Edward, Mike, Marc, Dave, Richard, Peggy, and Peter in Wayzata.