Sunday, July 15, 2018

WBG Java Crow Express - July 14, 2018

A hot and humid sunny day here in the Twin Cities. We had 7 riders for the WBG Java Crow Express. Marc, Gordon, Richard with guests from Arizona, Craig and Mary went back via the Excelsior Loop, Jim went straight back, and Edward did the TCBC Cruzin' the Crow Classic Route and road with Steve, Greg, Tim, and Rick from the Thermo King group and were also joined for lunch by Roger and Gale.

Unfortunately, Gordon fell on some loose sand and broke his right femur on the ride back in. He is in Methodist Hospital and having surgery on Monday, July 16th.

Temperature average of 26C but it was 33C in the afternoon. Wind from the E at 8 KPH. Humidity at 40% (90% in the morning) and dew-point at 17C.

Picture to left and then left to right are Edward, Gordon, Marc, Craig, Mary, and Richard. Jim had already left when the picture was taken.

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