Monday, September 26, 2016

WBG Java Crow Express - September 24, 2016

A very humid and cool day with average temperature of 18C. Humidity at 80% with dew point at 16C. Wind from the SE at 23 KPH.

We had four riders today Richard, Marc, Peter, and Edward. Richard and Marc rode back and Peter and Edward did the TCBC Cruisin' The Crow.

Pictured from left to right are Peter, Edward, Marc, and Richard.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

WBG Java Crow Express - September 17, 2016

An overcast and very humid cool morning here in Minnesota. Temperature only averaged 14C but humidity was at 87% with a dew point also of 14C. Wind was from the WNW at 16 KPH.

We had five riders on the WBG Java Crow Express. They included Marc, Jim, Chris, Scott, and Edward. Jim & Chris went on to do the TCBC Cruisin' The Crow, Marc had his cross bike and went out the Luce Line Trail, and Scott and I came back into the North Loop. Rob and his daughter, Reed joined us in Wayzata.

Pictured left to right are Edward, Scott, Chris, Rob, Reed, and Rob. Jim took the picture. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

WBG Ride To All Club Ride - September 3, 2016

On the WBG Ride To the All Club Ride we had four riders including Rob, Richard, Katie, and Edward. Susan met us on the way.

Temperature was a cool average of 20C, with 54% humidity and a dew point of 12C. Wind kept picking up all day and was at 29 KPH from the SSE.

Pictured at the start of the All Club Ride at the Minnetonka Government Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota from left to right are Katie, Richard, Rob, Susan, and Edward.