Saturday, June 9, 2018

WBG Java Crow Express - June 9, 2018

A rainy day but we thought we could at least get in the WBG Java Crow Express without getting wet. The WBG Java Jive was cancelled because it was raining at 07:00 but had cleared by 08:30. The forecast was wrong as it was raining when we got to Wayzata. Cruzin' The Crow was cancelled.

Richard, Mark, and Jim went on to Excelsior and Edward went back in with the Greg, Steve, and their group. Unfortunately Edward had some frame damage after going through a bumpy part of the road going back to downtown Minneapolis.

Temperature average of 18C with wind out of the E at 15 KPH. Humidity at 77% and dew-point at 17C.

Pictured from right to left are Edward, Richard, and Mark. Jim took the picture.

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