Saturday, May 12, 2018

WBG Java Crow Express - May 12, 2018

A cool partially sunny then cloudy day here in the Northland. We had four riders on the WBG Java Crow Express. Picture in Wayzata, Minnesota shows Marc, Edward, and Richard. Jim was the photographer. Marc went back via Excelsior, Marc led the long Cruzin' The Crow, Jim road back, and Edward did the short Cruzin' The Crow using the Dakota Trail.

Today was the Fulton Grand Fondo and we left from the North Loop 30 minutes before their official start at 09:00 so no interaction until coming back into town.

Temperature average of only 12C with wind from the E at 16 KPH. Humidity at 35% and dew-point at 1C.

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