Sunday, September 16, 2018

WBG Java Crow Express - September 15, 2018

A very unseasonable hot and humid day here in Minnesota! We had six riders on the WBG Java Crow Express with two new riders, John and Austin. Richard, Jim, and John went back to Minneapolis and Marc, Austin, and I did the long TCBC Crusin' the Crow ride. Marc actually led the ride.

Temperature average was 27C but in the afternoon it was more consistently around 32C. Wind was from the SSW at 16KPH with humidity at 50% and dew-point at 21C. At the start of the ride the humidity was 85% and wind was from the S at 9 KPH.

The picture of the riders from left to right are John, Marc, Richard, Edward, and Austin. Jim was the photographer.

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  1. Great joining your WBG yesterday Edward. Thanks for the ride and picture!