Sunday, September 3, 2017

WBG Java All Club Ride Express - September 2, 2017

A changing weather day for the WBG Java All Club Express and 162K TCBC All Club Ride. We had 7 riders with 6 of them going on to do one of the several distances on the club ride.

Temperature average of 22C but low of 15C at the start and high in the middle of the afternoon of 28C. The temperature actually cooled as the afternoon went on. Also wind started in the SW to WSW to W to WNW and finally to NW. Humidity went from 78% in the morning to 39% in the afternoon. Dew-point went from 14C to 11C and wind speed was about 11 KPH in the morning amd 22 KPH in the afternoon, no matter the wind direction.

Pictured left to right are Peggy, Marc, Edward, Richard, and Dave. Not pictured are Sam and of course, Jim as usual.

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