Saturday, August 27, 2016

WBG Java Jive Crow Express - August 27, 2016

Well the weather did not cooperate today as it was not supposed to rain this morning but did big time!

The temperature average was only 15C with dew point at 14C and humidity at 85%. Only a slight wind from the SE at 6 KPH.

Richard, Chris, David, Onri, Tim R., and Edward rode the WBG Java Jive. Unfortunately both Tim R. and David fell going over some wet railroad tracks on Hennipen Ave. when we detoured from our usual route because of the Minnesota State Fair. Tim R. broke his left wrist and and a small bone in his left hip. Dave has a suffered an AC Joint Separation in his right shoulder but no broken bones. Both are recovering.

Chris, Onri, Richard, Scott, and Edward rode on the WBG Java Crow Express. The TCBC Cruisin' The Crow ride was cancelled since no riders showed up. Edward was leading this ride.

Pictured are Scott, Onri, Chris, Richard, and Edward in Wayzata, Minnesota.

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