Sunday, June 26, 2016

WBG Java Jive and Java Crow Express - June 25, 2016

A sunny, hot, and very humid day! Temperature average of 29C with range from 24 to 30 C. Wind from the SSE to S and then finally to the SSW going from 16 to 32 KPH. Humidity was the big issue. While dropping from 77% to 61% still a major factor as it just beats you up.

We had three riders on the Java Jive with Rob, Richard, and I. For the Java Crow Express we had eight riders with all three from the Java Jive joined by Karen, Matt, Chris, Peter, and Tim. Karen and I went on to do the Cruisin' The Crow ride.

Pictured left to right are Matt, Peter, Chris, Richard, Karen, Rob, and Edward in Wayzata, Minnesota. Tim is not pictured. The Wayzata Art Fair was going on which made for a festive day.

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